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Myeik, located in the extreme south of the country on the coast of an island on the Andaman Sea, is a city in Tanintharyi Region in Myanmar (Burma). It has been a significant port town for centuries. Myeik is small, but it is a very important town in Myanmar. It is also the coastal capital of Coastal Command. The town is close to the sea, so the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Myeik has a tropical monsoon climate. Temperatures are very warm throughout the year. There is a short winter dry season (December–January) and a long wet season (February–November), with particularly heavy rain falling from May to September. The area of Myeik is 7783 square miles.

The Mergui archipelago (Myeik) was off-limits to foreigners until 1997; although it is now open for tourism, access is limited as permits are necessary. As a result, it remains principally unexplored. . Myeik has been cut off from the rest of Myanmar for very long time. Overland travel, which is now possible for tourist was prohibited and only possible

with special permit. The city is prime for tourist development. It sits on the shore of the sea compare to Dawei, which is inland. Access to many islands is also possible.

Despite having no beaches Myeik is not lacking with charm. The Theindawgyi and the Mahartheintdizaya pagodas are the main attractions in Myeik. The Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda right in the middle of town offers a marvelous panoramic view over the town and the island, and recommended for sunsets. There are many important offices, hospitals, hotels, banks, schools, universities and shopping centers. Many high-rise buildings have been built. Myeik is famous for its products such as pearl, rubber, edible bird's nest, dried fish, dried prawn and ngapi (shrimp paste).

You can explore the things below too.

  • Big reclining Buddha (on the island across the harbor, take a ferry from the jetty).
  • Lobster farming.
  • Loading of the fishing boats in the harbor.
  • Bird Nest farming in several houses near the Waterfront. Ask Locals for the exact location. 1,000 kyats. You can also try bird nests for 3,000 kyats.
  • Port Dockyard: Wooden boats are repaired under very basic conditions south of the city center. Worth a visit. Take a motor taxi. Walking around is possible although it looks quite chaotic. Recent reports have stated that it is not allowed to take photos any longer with the workplace.

Furthermore, as an alternative to expensive speedboat tours to outer islands, travelers can take a local boat to Kala and Kadan Islands to get a taste of traditional island life in the Mergui Archipelago. People are friendly and eager for your visit. Good local guides are available.

However reviews and recommendations are quite complete, you do need to go visit there to make those real. Our F M I Air will take you there with satisfied services and safely.