Kawthaung (Myeik Archipelago)

Situated at the southernmost tip of Myanmar, Kawthaung is a sleepy town that revolves around fishing and tourism. It is a major portal for travellers from Thailand to enter Myanmar from across the Pakchan River, and the launching point for those headed out to sea — just off the coast lies the magical Mergui Archipelago, a cluster of uninhabited islands that feels like a lost world.

With our direct route, explorers can get from Yangon to Kawthaung in just under an hour. From there it’s a short trip to the pier and then out into the archipelago. Most tourists book live aboard boats for multiple night sojourns, but day trips are also available. The town itself is a lovely place to return to after your trip: be sure to visit Three Mile Pagoda for a great view of the seascape.

Kawthaung is one of Myanmar's hottest new destinations.