• Jeremy Kingston
    Chief Operating Officer

    Jeremy Kingston

    Jeremy joined FMI Air in January 2015 as director of operations delivery. With 29 years of experience in civil aviation, he has operated worldwide charter operations involving Boeing 747 aircraft and managed more than 7000 crew members. In February 2016 he assumed the role of chief operating officer, where he has helped to introduce best practices in Myanmar.

  • Capt. Tin Maung Aye
    Director of Government Affairs

    Capt.Tin Maung Aye

    Captain Tin Maung Aye joined FMI Air as its first chief operating officer in 2012 before transitioning to general manager. He is considered one of Myanmar’s most experienced civil aviation experts, having flown for the Myanmar Air Force as well as Malaysian Airlines and formerly served as executive director at Yangon Airways. In 2011 and 2012, he led efforts for Yangon Airways to acquire an Air Operator Certificate and achieve European Aviation Safety standards for the airline.

  • Ei Cho
    Financial Controller

    Ei Cho

    Ei Cho joined the FMI team in June 2013 and earned the financial controller position after two and a half years with the company. A certified accountant, Ei Cho has more than 10 years of experience international financial experience, including jobs in Singapore and Myanmar.

  • Mark Turner
    Chief Commercial Officer

    Mark Turner

    Mark Turner is an industry expert with nearly 40 years of airline experience. He climbed on board with FMI Air in March 2013 as the airport operations and customer experience director, playing a key role in the acquisition of FMI Air’s air operator certification. In April 2016, he assumed his new role to develop and implement the airline’s growth strategy. Mark has worked with world class airline brands including Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways and most recently the rebrand of Fiji Airways.

  • Su Hnin Kyi
    Director of Commercial Operations

    Su Hnin Kyi

    Su Hnin Kyi has managed commercial offices for nearly a decade now, and currently runs FMI Air’s commercial operations. She has previously directed commercial strategy, sales, pricing, planning, customer service and revenue management in both the hospitality and the aviation industries. As a certified airline key account manager and network planner, she has been vetted by the International Air Transport Association.

  • Captain Zaw Min
    Director of Flight Operations

    Captain Zaw Min

    Defense Services Academy in 1978-1982. Served for Myanmar Air Force in 1982-2012. Retired from Myanmar Air Force as a Rank of Colonel, Deputy Base Commander in 2012. Started joining to Air Bagan Airline as an Airline Captain at 15th August 2012. And then Working for FMI Air in August 15th, 2016 from GMA Airline.

  • Anthony Frigon
    Director of Engineering

    Anthony Frigon

    Anthony first worked in Myanmar from 1991-1995 as a major helicopter/fixed wing operator in support of petroleum exploration, but he’s returned to the Golden Land to work as FMI Air’s director of engineering. Thirty-five years of aircraft maintenance experience has seen him work on CRJ 200s in Canada and supervise repairs on other aircraft as a line maintenance supervisor.

  • May Sandar Kyaw
    HOD of HR. & Admin

    May Sandar Kyaw

    She has joined the FMI group since 2007 and joined on FMI Air in 2012. She had more than 10 years of working experience within the group with the HR & Admin field.

  • Aye Minn Maw
    Director of Airport Operations

    Aye Minn Maw

    Aye Minn Maw took over FMI Air’s airport operations team in April 2016, having worked previously as the head of airport operations for three years. In Myanmar, she’s established herself as a highly-efficient manager with 13 years of experience in the aviation sector.

  • Kyi Tha
    Airworthiness Manager

    Kyi Tha

    As director of airworthiness, Kyi Tha works with Anthony Frigon to keep the fleet in tip top shape. She has 10 years experience as a technical support engineer and an additional 5 years as an electronic technician.

  • Eric Prevett
    Director of Quality Assurance

    Eric Prevett

    Eric Prevett’s career in aviation spans more than 50 years, beginning in 1967 for the Royal Australian Airforce. Since 1975 he’s been working in various aspects of quality assurance, most recently serving as the senior consultant for South Pacific Aviation Consultants. FMI Air is proud to announce Eric now serves as our Director of Quality Assurance, guaranteeing that all our engineering standards are up to international quality expectations and compliant with aviation codes.