When you fly FMI Air, you are not just a passenger.

Premium in-flight service

Enjoy complimentary onboard refreshments and hot beverage service, with an array of fresh-brewed coffees and teas for you to pick from.

In Flight Reading

Pick from a sampling of local publications during your short regional flight.

Electronic device policies

Travellers may use small, lightweight portable electronic devise in non-cellular or “airplane” mode on FMI Air. Cell service must be turned off prior to departure. Devices that are permitted for use include: electronic games, personal computers, entertainment players, recorders, calculators, cameras and shavers (in lavatories only).

Devices that are not permitted include:

  • Personal air-purifying devices,
    electronic cigarettes and
    personal vaporizers, humidifiers

  • Heating devices such as blow
    dryers and curling irons

  • TVs, radio transmitters
    and receivers

  • Remote control toys

Flight attendants will direct passengers during take off and landing to turn off all devices.

Tips for a healthy travel

FMI Air wants you to arrive safely and on time. But we also want you to feel great when you step off the plane.

Here’s a few tips to improve relaxation and decrease stress:

  • 1Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
    Get a good night’s sleep before your trip, and try to rest while flying.

    Drink plenty of liquids before and during the flight to stay hydrated.
    Myanmar can be hot!

    Don’t remain in one position too long: Perform simple stretches as explained below and stretch your legs during a walk when possible.

  • 2Ankle Circles: Raise your feet off the floor and rotate them, clockwise in a circular motion.
    Make five circles and then reverse, making five more circles in a counterclockwise motion.
  • 3Foot Pumps: Pressing your heels into the floor, raise your toes as far as possible.
    Hold for a few moments then lower them to floor. Next, raise your heels while pressing your toes into the floor and hold the position for the same length of time. Repeat five times.
  • 4Shoulder Roll: While Seated, keep your arms in place and rotate your shoulders in a circle,
    front to back, five times. Repeat in the opposite direction.
  • 5Neck Roll: Relax your shoulders. Stretch your neck to your left shoulder and hold for a few seconds before releasing your head. Allow it to roll forward toward your chest and then up and over toward your right shoulder. Hold that stretch for several seconds and then reverse, rolling your head this time from right to left. Repeat three to five times.